Weaving a Website

Today, we are happy to announce that the Sewing for Smiles organization has officially found a new home online at www.sewingforsmiles.com!

We have been listening to your feedback and working hard to build a site which is easier to find and navigate, helping our supporters locate the information they need with ease. Here is a list of the top pages that our supporters visit:

  • About – Discover the Sewing for Smiles organization and learn about our mission to help impoverished children.
  • Sewing – Learn more about what is involved in sewing dresses, including sewing instructions.
  • Contributions – Find other ways of supporting our cause beyond sewing, we appreciate all contributions!
  • Missions – We are always looking for help to get our dresses to the children who need them most, if you are planning a mission please see here for more information.
  • Contact Us – Find our most recent contact information for any other questions or feedback.

Some of the new features our site supports will be photo galleries, a blog, and much more! We look forward to adding more content in the upcoming weeks, as well as providing more frequent updates about the latest Sewing for Smiles news and developments overall.

Please check back often and let us know what you think of our changes. If you find any issues, please reach out to the website administrator by emailing david.zaletanski@gmail.com. We appreciate your patience and thank you again for all your support!