Sewing for Smiles is a ministry that was created to improve the lives of impoverished children by providing them with the dresses required to attend school. We recognize that while poverty is a complex problem, education is one of the most promising ways to give children a chance to escape for a brighter future.

Some recipients of our dresses have lost one or both of their parents to Ebola, tsunami, hurricane, war, or other natural disasters. Some live in orphanages. Many families live on dirt floors and sleep under blankets hung from a tree, or other makeshift roofs. Some girls live in orphanages, while others live in dire circumstances. Most of these girls have never seen a dress before, much less worn one on their body.

Our goal is to help as many children as we can, and re-purposing pillowcases into dresses is just one way we can help them experience God’s love. Our dresses have been delivered to locations all across the world including, but not limited to, Haiti, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Sierra Leone.

Just a few of the places our dresses have gone.

If you’re leading or going on a missions trip, please reach out to us. More information can be found on our Missions page.